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Life Management Wellness associates provides services catering to a variety of needs. From coaching, training, counseling, performance management, and more, we can help.

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Counseling assists individuals in many ways to purposely create change in attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts. Through this service, you will be able to develop solutions to implement, for increase improvement. 

Individual Counseling

We use the Solution Focused-Brief Therapy (SFBT) modality. This model of therapy is designed for individuals that are normally functioning okay but have recently experienced a minor "hiccup" in life that has them feeling "off track". Sometimes having a supportive outlet in an environment with someone who is "present" and engaged can be just what you need to push through some of life's personal challenges. 

Telephonic and Telehealth services are available. SFBT is not appropriate for individuals who have a history of chronic or long term issues. Please call us to determine is SFBT is the right fit for you. 

Couples Counseling

Common issues that Couples struggle with revolve around communication and understanding. We help couples sort out the barriers that prevent them from "hearing" each other and feeling understood. 

Couples are challenged to address the "elephant in the room" and confront dysfunctional behaviors and self sabotaging patterns. In some instance, it is discovered that each person in the relationship will need to address personal baggage before the couple can begin to work on the relationship issues. All services provided by a Licensed Mental Health professional.


In life, we must understand that nothing is constant, but change. As we continue to progress towards the purposeful work on our career path, development opportunities she always be available to establish a greater and productive work environment. Life Management Wellness Associates can assist with elevation for all levels of business for

 stakeholders and employees. 

Perfomance Management Consultation

Consultation services designed to support anyone in a Leadership role: Manager, Supervisor or Team Leader, that is seeking guidance or advice regarding the management of an Employee that is displaying performance or behavioral concerns. The focus is on "best practices" interventions that align with internal Company policies and that maximize internal resources that may already be available to Managers and Supervisors.

Employee Performance Coaching

Ideal for an Employee with performance or behavioral issue in the workplace. Coaching services are tailored to provide the Employee with an individualized plan that supports improved performance or behavior. Areas addressed include: time management, organizational skills, goal setting, effective communication, navigating challenging relationships. 

Employee Trainings and Workshops

On site or Online Trainings that are geared toward Employees enhancing both their personal and professional lives. The focus is on promoting better balance, motivation, productivity and overall workplace and personal satisfaction. Our Trainers provide PowerPoint presentations that are informative and engaging. Trainings can be customized to fit specific Employee needs. Please contact us discuss how we can best support your Team.  


Mediation services are provided to Parents not living in the same home who are focused on providing a healthy coparenting environment that is in the best interest of their child/children. Mediation involves using appropriate conflict resolution interventions that help parents put their personal differences aside, to develop parenting plans that foster harmony for all parties involved.

Our Mediators are committed to providing non bias support to parents who want to improve their co-parenting agreements. The benefits of Mediation: it's more personal, less costly than an attorney and allows parents more control over how they want to co-parent versus letting a judge decide. Please visit our contact page, to learn more.



"One of our Employees called to speak to a Counselor about some relationship issues/possible abusive relationship. The Employee asked that I stay in the room with her ,even though she had her phone up to her ear. They talked for quite awhile, and what the Counselor said, it was SPOT on. Please tell the Counselor "thank you" for me. She was exactly what the Employee needed and Im grateful to her for that."



"A million thanks to you and your staff for your support. My team was very grateful for your help. I fully intend to make onsite support the standard practice for processing client losses with my staff."


"I think that you were meant to be on the other end of the phone when I called. You are amazing at what you do and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking with me for so long on that call. You have made all the difference in my recovery and I am finally at peace with this

chapter in my life."



"The presentation was extremely professional and informative."


"You were so nice and supportive. You talked me through my challenges."


"You came highly recommended. I am so glad we have you as 

our Counselor."


"My contact with you was truly a blessing when I was dealing with so much in my personal life. I appreciate that you were there to help with the guidance."


"My wife and I had gone to a few counselor that we felt weren't helping us address our re-occuring issues that kept us stuck. Your advice and support restored our faith in our marriage". We would probably be divorced if we had not come to see you."


"Thank you for taking the time to really listen to me, give me positive advice and allowed m to just talk. You did a really good job of taking care of me. The world needs more Counselors 

like you."

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